Me and my experience of the pandemic

Thanks so much for the multiple positive comments about the new website. I am sure you’ll be interested to know that having the site has enabled a few to connect with me and express interest in coaching. But that’s not why I am adding a post other than my monthly newsletter. As a result of comments from a few of you, I want to clarify some of the things the Academy wants to do about resilience.

I know my January newsletter spent some time describing the things I feel are connection points to remaining strong through crisis. As some of you pointed out, this doesn’t cover some essential elements of switching away from negative thoughts. A major one that was pointed out is the ability to hope in the future. Some of you will laugh at the thought you might find hope again, but that is actually what resilience is all about. Somehow we need to be able to believe enough in our immediate steps to be able to get over the hump of immediate despair; that is why I provided you 7 steps that were focused on things you can do today (express feelings/focus on today/control moments/rein in your emotions/find meaning/become physically active). I remind you that the way we feel about ourselves and the future influences our attitudes/relationships and ability to motivate ourselves.

Nevertheless, let me be clear – I think that hope should be the long term outcome of taking short term steps that help you be resilient. It may not be possible to think long term during this pandemic; but resilience will allow you to eventually see hope for the future. Find a bridge that takes you away from despair so that when the time is right you will see hope for the future. If this is doing the steps, go for it. If it means watching youtube/netflix/doing jigsaws/etc. so be it! If you can bury yourself in work that allows you to feel better, then this is what is necessary.

My message is simple, find a way that makes it possible to put your disappointment on hold, and work on finding the positives around you. Maybe then you will be ready to see some of the good in all that is happening, and hope will spring eternal!

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