March 2022

One of the most embarrassing comments any writer can receive from a reader is that what you have written is drivel. Drivel can be defined as nonsense, or balderdash!

My last newsletter tried to describe the importance of values based leadership. This got a few of you going, and one reader reacted angrily and called it “drivel”. So I though that this month’s newsletter should look at some of the real issues facing us in Canada in 2022, none of which can result in someone accusing me of writing drivel. An Angus Reid survey in December 2021 revealed that the following are the issues of the day:

  1. Concern for Healthcare availability/ its quality was the top priority in 43% of respondents
  2. Climate change issues was top priority in 36%
  3. The COVID pandemic was still top priority in 30%
  4. Affordability of housing was uppermost in 27%
  5. The economy/ cost of living increases and lack of employment was uppermost in 25%

When you think of it this list of issues I think you will agree that all have been at the tip of our tongues throughout the past year. We have struggled with wait times for healthcare, and with the impact of system challenges on us. We have observed with anguish the effects of climate change, including forest fires/ atmospheric rivers/ general elevations of water levels. COVID is still with us, but has fallen in ranking. Housing and the economy are issues affecting many young people and retirees.

Why consider these issues in our newsletter? I would encourage you to read widely, attempt to understand these issues more broadly and talk with others about how they feel. As we are faced with political/ election opportunities in the next year we should ensure that we are backing leaders who are innovative thinkers, able to lead us through some of the things we are worried about. Our housing situation has de-escalated rapidly, and many are facing homelessness if rents and real estate cannot be controlled. A significant number of citizens have given up the idea of stability, and essentially live one month at a time. Climate change needs fresh thinking to address some of the environmental challenges facing us.

Citizens have to be engaged, and accountable. We are the reason the world is in the mess its in at the moment, because we have allowed our governments to rule us without inspiring us to change and be different. We cannot continue to blame our governments for the mess we find ourselves in. This doesn’t mean we become violent radicals who explode bombs or invade our major cities with trucks! It means we take the time to become educated on the issues, and then vote in governments who are prepared to do something to create a circle of safety around its citizens.

None of this is drivel.

Don’t be the ostrich who buries his head in the sand; but be the leader who engages and tries to make a difference! Have a great month.

Peter Craighead

One thought on “March 2022

  1. Thanks Peter. The events surrounding the Freedom Convoy protest certainly confirmed the importance of values-based leadership, though not all would agree on where leadership was demonstrated or where it was lacking. But one of the alarming aspects of February was the language which some people felt justified to use about other citizens, including on the national broadcaster. Are we losing the art of discussing contentious issues while also showing basic human respect toward those with whom we disagree?


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