June 2022 Newsletter

Retirement has taken on its own pace, and I think this is a lesson for all who read this. Whereas the retirement experts warn that this new phase will bring about challenges to our relationships; and will need re-orientation of our thinking, I have found that strategic focus has allowed me to find meaning in this new phase of life.

Relevance? As some of you go through changes in location, career, relationships, or otherwise it would be easy to get despondent as you contemplate this change. Some of the ways to find meaning in this new reality for you include:

  • Remind yourself of the areas of purpose in your life. Purpose should transcend change! For example, moving into retirement didn’t change my three areas of purpose: developing people; nurturing family and responding to God. It will take some focus for you to re-engage with your areas of purpose in your new situation, but once your focus has been resolved you will be able to move ahead wherever you are.
  • Connect with people. During this change it will be old and new relationships that will bolster your confidence. Allow others whom you respect to talk into your life, and care for you.
  • Maintain a healthy exercise program. Wherever you are, it is pivotal to your health that you are getting out of a busy work schedule to conduct regular exercise. This frees up endorphins into your bloodstream and opens cerebral blood flow. Those who exercise regularly also are the ones who enjoy life and who can think laterally.
  • Ensure you are eating a healthy diet. Cut down on the caffeine; increase the vegetables and modulate the amount of fats you eat. Additionally, make sure you are eating fresh food that provides proteins and vitamins. Fast food isn’t a healthy alternative and you should only eat this when you are in a rush.

COVID has left us all with a vacuum – there are almost 48 months of continuous threat to our well being; and risk to those around us. There has been stridor in our families and within our local communities; and this has left many of us bruised. Moving out into a new phase therefore comes with both challenge and reassurance. The challenge is related to the environment around us, and we wont know how healthy this is until we get there! The reassurance is related to the phenomenon of leaving our wretched lives during the pandemic behind us, and taking on new opportunities.

Whether or not you are facing a major or minor change this summer, make sure you are rooted in some of the basics described above. I wont be writing a newsletter in July as I am taking off that month for vacation. Keep well, and keep on trucking!

Peter Craighead

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