Peter Craighead

“Leading in the knowledge that there is a God who desires a response from me, I nurture my family and develop those around me to become the best at what they do.”

Peter’s professional alignment is in Medicine, but he will probably be best remembered in Calgary for the 9 years he spent as the head of cancer services in Calgary. His legacy will be that he grew a succession of leaders around him. These leaders came in many sizes and shapes; many of them having a profound influence on how academic cancer medicine is delivered in Calgary.

Peter has worked in corporate healthcare, academic medicine and leadership development circles for the past 23 years. Over the past 10 years he has personally led people through group training whose purpose was to catalyze improved self-assurance, greater focus on what needs to be done and improved personal skills in being able to develop teams and lead change. His passion is in helping young professionals succeed.

He has worked with leaders at multiple levels, but his strength has been working with emerging and mid level leaders. An idealist in thinking style, he wants to contribute to people around him, and to his family. He has an implicit belief that there are multiple leaders around him, most of whom operate as titleless leaders within their organizations.

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