Pricing schedule and activities from February 1st 2021:

  1. Pricing for services is negotiated up front, and will be included in a proposal for the type of work being considered.
  2. Pricing will be fixed at an hourly rate, with preparatory work being quoted. Report writing will be quoted at the full hourly rate.

Examples of pricing

  1. Individual coaching sessions. The initial meeting exploring interest in coaching is free and will be used to set expectations/schedules. The first coaching session will consist of 1 hour preparation and 1 hour actual coaching. Preparation time will be quoted at $100 per hour, and the first session will be at $150 for the hour. Sessions thereafter will cost $100 per hour (AHS employees are quoted $80 per hour).  Preparation costs will be waived for all sessions other than the first. On average the cost of a completed coaching period, including preparation costs and pay back will be $500 per person.
  • Strategic planning workshop retreats. There are two separate schedules proposed. The first scenario is where the company is prepared to arrange and fund all elements such as hotel/conference room, meals, course preparation material and travel arrangements for participants. In this scenario the academy would provide the service at $165 per hour. Preparation costs would also be $165 per hour. An average day-long workshop will cost a company between $1400 and 1600 for the consultant alone.

    The second scenario is less preferred, but would be negotiable. In this scenario the academy would arrange the conference room/s, meals and would provide course material plus audiovisual equipment. In such a scenario, with an average of 20 attendees at the workshop,  charges would be around $1000 for the conference room facilities, $500 for the course materials for a group, $600 for breakfast and lunches/tea and coffee; and the academy would bill $165 per hour for consultant’s time. It would cost approximately $4000 for the entire workshop.
  • Strategic focus cohort sessions. Such 6 hour cohort groups are run with a maximum of 15 individuals. Costs for sessions; inclusive of conference room, meals, and course material are $1500 per group of 10. Course materials will include a Thinking style assessment questionnaire as well as personalized material that allows individuals to walk out with a strategic focus document.
  • Building resilience. The costs will be similar to strategic focus cohort workshops.

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