Manuscripts published by the academy
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Reading resources

Those interested in making effective changes are advised to read widely. Some suggested texts include:

  1. Change:
    Leading change – John Kotter
    Transitions – William Bridges
    Creating a sense of urgency – Kotter
  2. Motivation and Purpose:
    The concept of Ikigai – various
    The surprising truth about what motivates us – Daniel Pink
  3. Leading self:
    The Titleless Leader– Nan Russell
    Strategic Focus – Brian Bacon; Oxford academy
    LEADS platform – CCLH
    Centre for Creative leadership papers
    (Branding) Shift – Peter Arnell
  4. Authentic/Servant Leadership:
    Leaders eat last – Simon Sinek
  5. Evolution in self and in organizations:
    Journey to excellence -Al Stubblefield
    Good to Great– Jim Collins
  6. Communication:
    Truth about being a Leader-Karen Otazo
    Influence – Dan Neundorf
  7. Building effective teams
    The 5 Dysfunctions of an Effective Team– Lencioni
    Leading Teams – Harvard Business review

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