October 2022

As I watch the seasons change this fall, I am impressed by the way our environment seems to take it all in its stride. Although there is a little bit of groaning there is also a sense of expectation for what is to come. Is there a lesson there for us to grasp and take hold of? I think several ideas run through my brain!

The first is an obvious one- the earth around us is willing to teach us important truths as long as we are prepared to listen and see. It seems that the plants, birds, animals and waterways have adapted to the seasons in a dynamic way, perhaps the product of refined evolution. The genetic imprint within our earth has enabled it to thrive despite the seasonal onslaught and the challenges we throw at it. Earth would remind us that within us is a similar genetic imprint; one that is programmed to absorb change. Change is an ever constant, and our bodies are able to accommodate this if we let them.

The second idea that springs to mind relates to how we see the elements around us changing as the year progresses. These elements have become as predictable as the sun going up or going down! Fall sees our animals growing thick fur, the leaves becoming yellow and dropping, and the grasses changing to brown. This speaks to me of how earth prepares itself for winter. It conserves energy and water, goes into hibernation, and allows water to turn to ice. As we prepare for predictable life change in ourselves do we do the same necessary preparation? Whether this involves promotion, retirement, or even death, preparation is an important ingredient to moving through change.

The third observation is maybe the most relevant to this newsletter. The cycle of life involves birth, growth, maturation, plateau, senescence, and death. As we have moved through such a cycle Journeys academy has experienced many blessings. We have had our hand on many who needed help. We have written significant articles that demonstrated how coaching can help individuals move towards greater self confidence. During COVID we grew to a point where 3 to 4 individuals were being coached on a monthly basis. However, it is time to ask the question of whether the academy has maintained its relevance to those it purports to help. Referrals have dwindled to a trickle over the summer, and my feeling is that I am not prepared to put energy into marketing the product to make it sustainable.

I am therefore making those who subscribe to these posts aware that my focus is going to move to writing rather than coaching. With 300 individuals having received coaching from me, and a plethora of experiences during my 15 years in leadership I believe that I can contribute more by dedicating myself to sharing these experiences through the written word. I will continue to coach those who approach me, and help any colleagues who reach out to me. However, I will not extend my license for a web presence beyond 2022, so it means this newsletter will eventually “fizzle” out and its possible that that will mean I dont get approached to do coaching in any form whatsoever. The earth would say that this was predictable; with which I would concur.

Thank you for your interest in the academy over the past three years.


Peter Craighead

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